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ZDOROVY LES is the oldest company in the field of tree condition control and care in Russia. In Russian ZDOROVY LES means ‘Healthy Forest’. We chose a living tree as an object of our regard, we are fond of our work and know it well.

To the present time ZDOROVY LES is a team of experienced and high-skilled professionals that proves its good reputation every day. Our achievements and results show this. All our clients and partners know that we are trustworthy.
Sergey Palchikov,
President of the NPSA ZDOROVY LES

You can trust us because …

ZDOROVY LES has been dealing in tree monitoring and care since 1995.

Over the last 19 years our experts thoroughly inspected 721937 trees growing in the territory of 3507 hectares (as of December 31, 2014).

Our company contributed to establishment of the Urban Tree Care Technology department at Moscow State Forest University. We are the only one company engaged in educating qualified tree care experts.

We are a team of high-skilled professionals that work only with advanced equipment and technologies. In 2014 twelve of our arborists have been certificated by the European Arboricultural Council as European Tree Workers. ZDOROVY LES is recognized by the European Arboricultural Council as a national certification center for ETW and ETT certification programmes.

We are the only one tree care company which has its own ezine, “Zhivoy Les” (Alive Forest). This is the first popular science edition covering the questions of the co-existence of trees and people, tree care and treatment.

According to decision of the Council for reservation of the national environmental heritage in the Federation Council since 2010 our Center for Tree and Wood Expertise® is engaged in tree inspection and dendrochronological researches within the Russian national project “Trees as natural heritage monuments”.

ZDOROVY LES is an organizer of some events in Russia in order to diffuse knowledge about urban tree control and care. They are organized in cooperation with our foreign partners which are the leading companies in tree diagnostics, equipment, professional education for tree care specialists.

The certification arranged by the ZDOROVY LES company with the assistance of the NÜRNBERGER SCHULE, on the basis of Moscow State Forest University.

Sergej Palchikov, head of ZDOROVY LES is a member of International Tree Eхpert Group (ITEG).

Our Products And Services

Our Products And Services

Our products and services:

  • tree care consulting;
  • visual inspection and technical measurements of trees;
  • detection of emergency trees;
  • root diagnostics;
  • trunk wound treatment;
  • tree immunity improvement measures;
  • packed soil aeration along with injection of nutrient agents;
  • anti-parasite and anti-disease treatment of trees;
  • pruning and crown reduction;
  • safe removal of dead and emergency trees;
  • stumping and uprooting;
  • crown support;
  • forest site inspection before construction works;
  • all types of landscape works ensuring preservation of as many plants as possible;
  • arboricultural consulting of construction and landscape projects;
  • compensative tree and bush plantings instead of hacked out green planting.

For forest tenants:

  • elaboration of site development and reforestation plans;
  • report delivery and document control.

For tree care companies and scientific organizations:

  • up-to-date equipment for tree condition evaluation and dendrochronological researches;
  • equipment for crown and branches bracing.

The Center of Tree and Wood Expertise® will help you to find out:

  • reasons for tree fallings and time of tree death;
  • time and legality of tree felling;
  • exact tree age;
  • other types of tree and wood inspection.

The ZDOROVY LES® Education Department organizes:

  • urban tree care conferences and workshops;
  • demonstrations of advanced tree care and protection technologies and practical sessions learning how to use state-of-the-art diagnostic and measurement tools;
  • professional trainings;
  • European Tree Worker certification on the basis of the European Arboricultural Council standards (in cooperation with the Nuernberger Schule, Germany).
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